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Snail Care Guide

  • How To Breed Nerite Snails?

    Are you wondering how you can keep your fish tank clean, so you won’t have to clean it every week? Breed Nerite snails! What are Nerite Snails? A member of the Neritidae family, nerite snail, or Neritina natalensis is just one of the 200 species from the said family. The neritidae family can find in…

  • What Does A Snail Eats?

    What Does A Snail Eats?

    Know About Snails Snails have lived for more than 500 million years, and for all we know, they could be better than dinosaurs in surviving. Dinosaurs are now gone, and yet snails are still everywhere. Evidence shows that snails have been around since the Cambrian period, 500 million years ago. Evidence of different primitive gastropods…