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Best Automatic Fish Feeder for Betta

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As a betta enthusiast, you undoubtedly understand the importance of feeding your fish consistently. It not only keeps them alive and healthy but also ensures they stay happy. Now, this is crucial, indeed. After all, a happy fish is a happy owner. Therefore, you cannot afford to neglect the eating schedule of your fish.

However, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make maintaining your pet’s feeding regimen a bit challenging. Sometimes, you may be at work or some other engagements during feeding times. Furthermore, the fact that, unlike other pets, fish do not display obvious signs of hunger compounds the problem. As a result, even when you’re home, your fish may be starving, and you can’t even tell!

All these problems and more can make keeping an aquarium a very daunting task. It is not because you don’t love your fish, but because we may not always have time to spare.

Thankfully recent technological advancements have brought about a convenient solution – automatic fish feeders. This innovative technology makes it so much easier to feed your fish, especially when you’re away. So, you don’t have to spend your working hours trying to figure out if you remembered to feed your fish. Also, you can take that well-deserved vacation without always calling neighbors to check on your fish.

However, like every other commodity, there are a variety of automatic fish feeders on the market. Sadly, not every one of them will meet your specific requirements.

To help you, we’ve created a comprehensive compilation of the top automatic fish feeder for bettas. This way, you can sift through all the advertisement noise and find the best fish feeder for you.

But first, let us look at precisely what automatic fish feeders are and why you need them.

4 Best Betta Automatic Fish Feeders

Undoubtedly, you’d want the best for your precious fish friends. In light of that, we have compiled a list of the top brands in the automatic fish feeder industry. Keep reading to find out the top four products we recommend.

1) Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

The Eheim automatic fish feeder is ideal for people who forget to feed their bettas. It is also perfect for betta enthusiasts who have busy schedules and are rarely around during feeding times.

The Eheim automatic feeding unit is relatively easy to set and is quite reliable in its functions. One peculiar characteristic of this auto feeder is that it focuses on accurate food portion allotments. Therefore, you never have to worry about too much or too little food in your fish tank.

The device is compatible with all food types, including granules, pellets, and flakes. It also features a straightforward LCD screen, which allows to program up to 8 feeds per day. The Eheim also has a built-in fan, ventilation system, and splash-proof buttons alongside an adjustable slider that helps you set accurate food portion sizes.

Finally, the Eheim auto feeding model has a drum volume of 100ml. With this size, the device can last up to six weeks without a need for refilling. Although the type of food, frequency of feeding, and the number of fish will influence how long the reservoir lasts.

Besides, the product runs on two A-A batteries, which come with the purchase package.


  • It has a three-year product guarantee.
  • It fits most aquariums.
  • It has an integrated ventilation system.
  • It supports a maximum of 8 feedings per day.
  • It is simple to set up.


  • It can only dispense for food type per time.
  • It has a higher upfront cost than most auto feeders.
  • It has a wider dispensing hole, which may not be suitable for small feed.
  • However, a little Improvisation can solve this problem.

2) Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

This automatic fish feeder features an innovative rotating drum feed dispenser. Its 360° rotating pedestal also makes adding food into the hopper much more convenient. Interestingly, the hopper is moisture-resistance, which means food does not get wet.

The Torlam Auto Fish Feeder can hold up to three weeks’ worth of feed and supports up to four feedings per day. The device also comes with an AquaBlue timer, which allows you to set the interval between each feeding. Also, it sports a plastic body which has a built-in ventilation system. So you don’t have to worry about the food going bad in storage.

One unique feature of the Torlam Auto Fish Feeder is that it has a manual override. So, if you’re home during feeding time and you want to do it the good old way, you have that option. The fact that the Torlam automatic feed supports multiple types of feed is also worthy of note. It also runs on two AA batteries, but they do not come with the device.

Lastly, the equipment has two options for installation:

  1. You can fix the feeder to the wall of the tank using its holder.
  2. You may choose to use an accompanying double-sided tape to secure the feeder.


  • It two installation options.
  • It supports up to four feedings per day.
  • You can add food very conveniently.
  • It has a relatively large reservoir capacity.
  • It has a moisture-resistant hopper.


  • It does not come with its own batteries.
  • The flow of food may sometimes be interrupted.
  • Its instruction manual can be challenging to understand.

3) Zacro Automatic Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder

Another automatic fish feeder that is worthy of mention is the Zacro Automatic Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder.

One of the more exciting features of this device is its dual power supply option. You may choose to power the feeder with batteries, or you can plug into a USB port. Even more, the Zacro automatic feeder is very energy-efficient. Indeed, the feeder can last up to six months before it needs a recharge at full charge!

Furthermore, the device features a rather large feed bucket with a 200ml capacity. It also supports a wide range of fish food, including powder, flakes, granules, and more. With its size, the feeder-type is more suited to a 158-gallon fish tank. However, that does not necessarily mean it will not work with other aquarium sizes.

The Zacro feeder supports up to four feedings every day. Also, it features an intelligent design that allows it to dispense up to three times per feeding. However, the most powerful feature of this feeder is its long-lasting battery life. As a side note, the feeder uses a lithium battery, which supports up to 800 charges and discharges.


  • It has two options for power supply.
  • It features an intelligent design.
  • It can last as long as six months on a single charge.
  • It has a large feed bucket capacity.


  • It is not suitable for smaller aquariums.
  • It may sometimes let out excess food.

4) Penn-Plax Daily Double II

If you’re on a budget, the Penn-Plax Daily Double II automatic fish feeder is perfect for you.

This feeder has a very straightforward design, which is very easy to install. Also, it is compatible with pellets and flake feeds. However, the device only supports two feedings per day at 12 hours apart. On the bright side, its feed reservoir can last up to four weeks at length.

The Penn-Plax Daily Double II automatic fish feeder runs on battery, making electrocution less of a danger. However, it does not have a moisture-control feature. But, as long as your aquarium is not in a humid room, the food in its reservoir should be fine.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this automatic fish feeding device has two installation options. You may choose to let it stand beside your fish tank or clamp it to the side.


  • It is more affordable than other options.
  • It has a straightforward installation process.
  • It has a large food container capacity.
  • It is battery-powered.
  • It has two options for setup.


  • It has no moisture control. As a result, food may get wet, which may cause the device to stop working.
  • It has a restrictive time-programming – only 12-hour intervals.
  • The clock starts the moment you connect the battery and is non-resettable.

Other Top Betta Fish Automatic Feeders

Buyer’s Guide: What Is An Automatic Fish Feeder?

Every aquarium needs some necessary fittings and equipment to keep the fish happy and content. One of such equipment is the automatic fish feeder.

An automatic fish feeder is an electronic device that feeds your fish when you are unavailable. That is not all. The tool also allows you to set a timer that determines the frequency of the feeding schedule. Furthermore, automatic fish feeders have a feature that will enable you to regulate the size of the portions it dispenses per time.

Essentially, the automatic fish feeder is a container of fish food that runs on a timer and drops preset portions of food into the water at specific times.

Here comes the good part. You can input all the schedule and size settings at once and leave the automatic fish feeder to do the rest. Depending on the particular model you own, some automatic fish feeders can run for six weeks at length before they need refilling. Imagine how convenient that will be!

By using an automatic fish feeder, you can ensure your betta friend has enough to eat even when you are not around. In other words, if you have a demanding work schedule or you’re away on holidays, you can rest easy knowing your betta is content.

Most auto fish feeders have a transparent container, so you can easily monitor how much fish food remains. Also, they sit on the side of your tank for easy access. More importantly, regardless of the type of fish tank you own (Marine, cold water, or tropical), you can always rely on an automatic fish feeder to fulfill its purpose.

Before we dive our guide to the best automatic fish feeder for better, let us quickly highlight some advantages of using the device.

Why You Should Use An Automatic Fish Feeder: The Benefits You Should Know

Before we reveal our list of some of the best automatic fish feeders out there, it is essential you know the advantages of the device. This way, you can better appreciate the value you’re getting. Below are some of the benefits of equipping your aquarium with an automatic fish feeder.

They are flexible. An automatic fish feeder is flexible because it allows you to pick the frequency of feeding you want. Some models even allow you the option of dispensing food up to four times per day.

They are reliable

Automatic fish feeders have timers, which make them ideal for betta lovers who have busy schedules. You can simply set the feeding times you want and relax, knowing precious betta will always have food. Moreover, since the timer is a machine, it cannot ‘forget.’

They save time

With an auto fish feeder, you don’t have to worry about rushing home to feed your pets. As a result, you can save yourself the time you’d otherwise spend rushing here and there.

They are cost-efficient

Automatic fish feeders can also save you a lot of money in the long run. You may be wondering how. By only dispensing pre-portioned amounts of food at specific times, the feed prevents food from wasting in the tank.

They contribute to a healthy tank ecosystem

While it may be impossible to prevent a tank from clouding up, you can slow down the rate. Often, aquarium water becomes dirty due to the decomposition of excess food. Since the auto fish feeder controls the amount of food that goes into the tank, there are fewer chances of rotting leftover food.

Now that you know the benefits of using an automatic fish feeder, let us dive into our list of the best auto feeders.

Factors To Consider When Buying an Automatic Feeder

Now that you know the top options in the automatic fish feeder scene, you must be wondering which to pick. There is no doubt that the assortment of fish feeders can be overwhelming. But, if you bear specific parameters in mind, you can accurately decide based on the feeder features you need. Here are some parameters you should look out for before buying your fish feeder.

Storage Capacity

Depending on how long you will be away for at intervals and how many bettas you have, you may need a feeder with a large storage capacity.
Fish food variety
There is a variety of fish feed out there. However, some automatic fish feeders are only compatible with specific types of feed. Ensure that the feeder you buy is consistent with the meal your bettas love.

Power source

Generally, battery-powered automatic feeders are a safer option as they offer less risk of electrocution. You may also want to get a feeder that has a low battery indicator to prevent your device from powering down suddenly.

Time and Quantity Control

Most fish, including bettas, prefer to get their food in small quantities multiple times per day. Therefore, you need to make sure your automatic fish feeder has the appropriate time interval and an adjustable portion size.

Ventilation System

A fish feeder with a ventilation system means that your fish food can stay in viable conditions for longer. This is a vital parameter you want to check that your feeder has. Except, you do not plan to be away for extended periods.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you intend to use your automatic fish feeder often, then choosing a model with rechargeable batteries is advisable. This way, you get to save on battery replacement costs.

Final Take

Although Bettas can last up to two weeks without food, it is not the best to starve them. However, it may be understandably challenging to keep up with a continuous feeding schedule for the fish. Thankfully, automatic fish feeders now exist to take the burden off you.

Remember, it is not enough to just buy a fish feeder. You must buy one that works for you and your bettas. Hopefully, this article on the best automatic fish feeders for Betta has been able to point you in the right direction.

Do you have further questions about automatic fish feeders? Please let us know. We’d love to help!

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